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The Logue Family & Garden Hill

Logue Family

The Ridge Meadows Hospice Society’s long term partnership with Garden Hill Funeral Home might raise eyebrows at first until you hear why...

The Ridge Meadows Hospice Society has had a long standing partnership with the Logue Family, owners of Garden Hill Funeral Home.

"Some people may find it curious that we work so closely with Garden Hill but it's actually a very valuable partnership.", said Mark Vosper the Executive Director of the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society. One doesn’t automatically think of “a funeral home”, when thinking of a valuable community partner.

The partnership started in 1992 after Peggy Logue had joined the Society back in its founding days and then offered Garden Hill the avenue for the volunteer training.

Garden Hill has a very close working and supportive relationship with the Society. Members of the Logue family have served on the board of directors for the past 5 years. Most recently second generation family member Nolan Logue has been accepted to the board. "It's important to us to be involved in the good work that the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society does, this community has supported us and we enjoy giving back.", said Nolan Logue of Garden Hill.

Garden Hill is a part of the comprehensive volunteer training course that the Hospice provides to those interested in serving as Palliative and Bereavement volunteers. Garden Hill has offered their space to train over 200 volunteers since 2008. On this evening, volunteers learn about the role of a funeral home, what kind of services can be facilitated and even the preparation of a body for service. They tour the entire facility, and are encouraged to ask any questions, so they can feel completely educated and comfortable on this subject.

"We want to be involved in the educating of the volunteers around funeral planning, what happens after someone dies, and the unlimited options around service for their loved ones. There are a lot of misconceptions about the funeral business.", said Tim Logue Owner of Garden Hill. "We are a local service provider and we take pride in knowing we can accommodate the cultural wishes and traditions as well as any request a family has, just when I think I've seen it all a family comes up with another unique way of remembering their loved one at the service.”

This knowledge is imperative for volunteers as they are often speaking with the families trying to make arrangements. Families often look to volunteers for information. "We want the volunteers to feel comfortable on the subject, as they may be the first person the family talks to.", said Tim. Hospice volunteers are often leaders in our community for opening the conversations about death and dying, and recognize the importance of advanced care planning, including funeral arrangements.

"Community connections are a vital part of the Hospice Society. Garden Hill has always supported us as a corporate sponsor, through volunteering, and even provided their business space to us to host our training.", said Mark Vosper.

The Ridge Meadows Hospice Society honoured the Logue Family and Gardeen Hill for their continued support of the Society with a recognition award presented by Mark Vosper and Board President Lindsay Norcross.

Recognition Award