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Palliative Care

The care of a palliative patient is extremely emotional and physically exhausting for the caregivers. Visiting Volunteers are available to give caregivers respite

Hospice volunteers are compassionate individuals from the community who are committed to the Hospice philosophy, and are an advocate who comforts and supports the dying person, his family and friends, and will respect their beliefs, values and their privacy

McKenney Creek Hospice

Our volunteers are available mornings, afternoons and evenings for those patients and families who spend time at McKenney Creek Hospice. They are there to support and assist the families as needed

One-on-One Support

Visiting Hospice Volunteers are available to support individual patients and/or the patient’s family whereever the patient is; at home, in hospital, in a long-term care facility or in McKenney Creek Hospice

There are many ways that a Visiting Volunteer can help. It is between the patient and family to decide what kind of support they would like and how often they would like the volunteer to visit

Resources and Services

Our Hospice Society can help families get the information and resources that they need. We also have an extensive lending library of books and videos on many topics to help with topics of serious illness and grief

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