Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Nolan Logue, Jeff Cawker, Tammy Oswald, Marissa Stalman, Lindsay Norcross, Adrienne Dale, 
Norma Parker, not pictured: Nicole MacDonald, Kristian Manion

Board President – Marissa Stalman

Vice-President – Adrienne Dale

Secretary – Nolan Logue

Treasurer – Jeff Cawker

Director – Norma Parker

Director – Tammy Oswald

Director – Nicole MacDonald

Director – Kristian Manion



Executive Director
Mark Vosper

Coordinator of Palliative Support Services
Lindsey Willis

Coordinator of Bereavement Services
Susanne Lamb

Communications and Fund Development Coordinator

Michelle Spindor

Thrift Store Coordinator
Lara Lee

Thrift Store Volunteer Coordinator
Maureen McKay

Thrift Store Cashier Coordinator
Judy Mould

Thrift Store Vintage & Collectible Coordinator
Marianne Schumacher

Thrift Store Media & Furniture Coordinator
Jeffrey Martin

Thrift Store Fashion Boutique Coordinator
Winnie Stenerson