Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Nolan Logue, Jeff Cawker, Tammy Oswald, Marissa Stalman, Lindsay Norcross, Adrienne Dale, 
Norma Parker, not pictured: Nicole MacDonald, Kristian Manion

Board President – Marissa Stalman

Vice-President – Adrienne Dale

Secretary – Nolan Logue

Treasurer – Jeff Cawker

Director – Norma Parker

Director – Tammy Oswald

Director – Nicole MacDonald

Director – Kristian Manion



Executive Director

Mark Vosper

Coordinator of Palliative Support Services

Lindsey Willis

Coordinator of Bereavement Services

Susanne Lamb

Fundraising & Events Coordinator

Sue Gajdostik


Michelle Spindor

Thrift Store Manager
Lara Lee

Thrift Store Assistant Manager
Maureen McKay

Thrift Store Cashier Coordinator
Judy Mould

Thrift Store Vintage & Collectible Coordinator
Marianne Schumacher

Thrift Store Fashion Boutique Coordinator
Winnie Stenerson

Thrift Store Cashier Coordinator
Angelica De Boer