Plan your Oktoberfest Outfit

Plan your Oktoberfest outfit

Put together your Oktoberfest outfit for a chance to win the Best Dressed prize at the event!

Lederhosen – as shown in the photo to the right are leather shorts worn over top of a collared shirt, the outfit is finished off with a felt or wool hat donned with a feather.

Dirndl – as shown in the photo to the left is worn over top of a peasant blouse and with the addition of a colorful apron.

The Ridge Meadows Hospice Thrift Store is a great place to find accessories and inspiration for your Oktoberfest outfit, the team starts to put things together in our Oktoberfest store display towards the end of September.  #3 – 12011 224th Street.

Or purchase one of our “Yodel Like U Mean It” souvenir t-shirts available for pre-order before the event!


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Plan your Oktoberfest outfit